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aka lab architects  (Apex S.A.) is an architecture practice and construction firm based in Athens, Greece.  Our core values are based on innovative integrated sustainable design and construction solutions that optimize all available resources, personalized involvement in customer’s expectations and close monitoring of contemporary life, new materials and technology. Our core competencies include architectural and interior design, landscaping from concept to finished detail. We provide solutions using usage adaptation and option analysis, high integral visualization, graphic design and project management. We are involved in various architectural projects such as commercial and corporate developments, private housing, ephemeral structures, custom edifices and art exhibitions as well in urban planning using ‘space syntax’ techniques.
Parent company apex S.A. has a 35-year proven record of reliability and professionalism in a wide range of public and private projects ranging from residential to commercial spaces, hotels, schools, public and urban spaces.We aim to design equally for functional usage and pleasing the senses  resulting in efficacy and aesthetics. We enjoy the challenges and get equally excited at any project kind and size. With adaptability in context and location and also flexibility, we hold environmental sensibility as our inspirational pillar. We adopt customer satisfaction as our bottom line. We educate ourselves on many disciplines and maintain an excellent network of collaborators from engineers and lighting specialists to laymen and artists that makes us service our clients best providing solutions outside the box.

Integrated design/construction

aka lab simulates usage scenarios and identifies construction bottlenecks before actual construction begins utilizing informed discussions with customers, final users, suppliers and subcontractors streamlining elements of the project management. There is small to large scale sensibility and a cross disciplinary approach. Our work neither compromises construction efficacy for design nor aesthetics for lack of technical communication. It will achieve both.

Personal involvement

We take understanding with the customer an extra mile with semi-structured interviews and nurtures creative interaction among all stakeholders to a project, large or small. We get involved in structuring professional identity or materializing a vision. Whether a private, corporate or institutional customer, aka lab architects will work out solutions to match your capital layout requirements. Potential future usage and options will be discussed introducing flexibility in financing your project.

Monitoring of materials and technology

Our practice has the ability to work with unconventional places and specs. This skill requires continuous research on materials, techniques and visualization via conferences, seminars, expos as well as personal  research [construction depots research]. We take special pride in being able to communicate with engineers, specialized technicians as well as laypersons, in order to materialize and guide the vision of the customer. Our involvement with the arts keeps us informed with the latest international trends while we firmly keep a footing in tradition, whether that is material, environment, techniques or inspiration. We develop solutions with a sensitivity to craftsmanship and sustainability.

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